• John Gilda

    John Gilda

    Am opinionated and often wrong. Writing in a Celtic tradition where stories are the threads that tie together people across time and space.

  • Vaibhav


    comfortably dumb, word smith from the suburbs of Bombay!

  • Fola Veritas

    Fola Veritas

    i put fingers to keys and articles manifest themselves. all about magickal practices & altered states for healing — www.deepmindsquared.com

  • Anurag Sai Gamini

    Anurag Sai Gamini

  • luceat


    Rookie writer, curious and courageously hopeful

  • Petr Stedry

    Petr Stedry

    Creating great user experiences at Pure Storage. Helping new designers grow at UXWell. Philosopher. Observer of people.

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