How To Stop Delaying What Matters Most

Are you waiting for permission, confidence, or certainty before taking action?

There are often things we want to say or do that remain unsaid or undone for a long time, even though we desperately want to make them happen.

Whether it’s a big career shift, changing jobs, asking for a promotion or just taking a well needed career break, it often boils down to a single tiny decision: just going for it. We can see why doing something is important to us, yet we keep holding it off indefinitely.

If you feel drawn to do something, but can’t quite make the jump, what are you really waiting for?

Here are three common culprits that stand in the way of taking action:

1. Permission: are you waiting for someone or something to give you a sense that it’s ok to go after want you want?

2. Confidence: are you waiting to have enough confidence in yourself to make things happen?

3. Certainty: are you waiting to know for sure what the exact outcome of your decision will be, preferably better than your current situation?

Caution: they get people trapped!

It’s so perfectly human to feel these things, and have doubts about next steps. But it doesn’t mean that they should stop you in your tracks.

Instead, develop an awareness of what might block you, so that you can work with it and move things forward. Awareness equals power.

So, what stands in your way right now?

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