How You Can Go Big When You’re Made To Feel Small

There come moments in your career when you’re made to feel small. It takes different shapes and forms. Yet, there’s a common denominator underlying it.

You’re made to feel, and play, below the value you know you have deep inside.

It usually looks like this:

  • Your managers are not appreciating your contributions fully.

This happens in some of the most competitive environments out there. In fact, it often happens to some of the best performers.

Constantly having to prove yourself is exhausting. It never ends.

In the toughest moments, you feel like caving in. Maybe you truly are never enough.

So, what do you do when you are made to feel small?

The answer is simple. Go bigger.

There’s a place inside of you where inner security exists beyond any external validation, comparisons, or rewards. It feels good because it doesn’t need anything to feed it. It just is.

You just are. That’s enough.

Whenever you do things departing from that space, you will feel more at peace. In fact, whenever you’re in that zone, you can go bigger and higher. You connect to your intuition and natural power.

Whether you choose to speak up, make your voice heard, influence change, create that thing you always wanted to create or leave your job, that place will be your rock.

I invite you to take a couple of minutes to relax into this deeper sense of self. It’s simple but not easy, so give yourself some space. What is your way to go big?

“When they make you feel like nothing, remind them that you’re something else.” — Unknown

Go with your true power.


I am a coach and trusted advisor to driven and gifted people who feel there’s an inkling of rebellion in them. I help them create more fulfilment and reduce stress in their work and careers, on their terms. You can sign up to The Sunday Question, my weekly invitation for introspection and action, here:

Coach — Career and Work Transformation | PhD Researcher | Facilitator

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