The Myth of the ‘Entrepreneur’ That Stops You From Being One

If you feel drawn to autonomy, independence, and ownership, there’s a richer and more meaningful way to see entrepreneurship.

you have an entrepreneurial spirit, then you are likely to see the big picture, be creative, enjoy being of service to others and feel energised when you witness the ripple of impact that you have on others.

You might feel trapped in a job or organisation where you can’t express this spirit fully. The only way out appears to be a far vision of coming up with an innovative idea and founding a venture.

Yet, this can be a really intimidating vision that often gets people more stuck, rather than motivating them to fully express their gifts and talents more immediately. This is fuelled by the myth that to be a successful entrepreneur, you have to create a big disruptive thing.

The myth of entrepreneurship

There’s a false image that to be a ‘real’ entrepreneur, one has to come up with an ingenious idea that completely changes the game. The bigger the better. The more disruptive the better.

This image ends up tunnelling the vision of many talented individuals who feel an inkling of creativity inside. They stop before they even start because they don’t have a ‘killer idea’ to bring out in the world.

This perspective misses out on a richer and more meaningful view of being an entrepreneur.

1. Entrepreneurship is an approach to doing things (no matter where you are)

Look around you, either in your workplace or field of interest. Is there one thing that you could do to add value to how people do things? Is there a small way in which you can contribute to advance a field you’re interested in?

If your answer is yes, take action now with just one tiny step. It will build your entrepreneurial muscle and give you ownership over how things are done.

2. Entrepreneurship is a way to genuinely be of service to others

Creating something of value does not have to be a huge disruptive venture. It doesn’t have to be a new app or technological innovation. In fact, entrepreneurship is more enjoyable when you do it from a place of serving others in a way that supports them. It makes it easier to drop our egos and start serving!

Is there an area where you feel you could really serve people with your gifts or skills now? Take a tiny step and make something small happen.

If you feel drawn to autonomy, independence, and ownership: don’t let the music die inside you.

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