What To Do If You Feel Trapped In Your Job

When your career feels like a fast moving train, slow down.

Have you ever felt that your career is like a fast moving train?

You’ve been in a job that you don’t like for years, fantasising about leaving and doing something else.

Yet, you always feel held back. A thousand dizzying questions come up in your mind:

  • What else can I really do?

As the time passes, you feel more and more stuck in your tracks. After all, you’ve invested so much time and effort to get to where you are today. How could you possibly give it all away?

The loss aversion instinct kicks in.

You’re good at your job and you’ve had a solid track record in your industry. This is what we could call a success trap.

You’re on a fast moving train, and you can’t stop it.

After tens of motivational articles and self-help books, nothing seriously helps. So, what’s there to be done?

In the newly released book The Success Trap: Why Good People Stay in Jobs They Don’t Like and How to Break Free, Amina Aitsi-Selmi discusses why good people stay in bad jobs. The moral of the story? You can break out, if you are willing to shift your mindset.

Here are three ways to start thinking differently about your situation:

  • Slow down to speed up: our resistance to slow down often stops us from creating the space we need to reflect and create the change needed in our lives.

“Success becomes a trap if we chase it.” — Amina Aitsi-Selmi

So, how can you slow down your career train now to build the life you really want?

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Coach — Career and Work Transformation | PhD Researcher | Facilitator

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