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What Would You Do If You Knew You Could Not Fail?

Connecting to what truly matters to you can be challenging. Your deepest desires are sometimes hidden underneath your biggest fears. Fear of failure makes many ideas, dreams and worthwhile actions, go to waste.

The usual culprits are the thoughts that say…

If you knew you truly could not fail, or in other words, if you knew that…

Who would you be?

I invite you to pause. Do you feel it? No, really, do you feel how it’s a bit scary to ask yourself this? It’s not meant to be comfortable.

Allow these questions to guide you towards your courageous, authentic, self.

Sure, we don’t live in an ideal world. The possibility of rejection, failure, and instability are certainly part of our human experience. It’s a universal predicament that is not unique to you, or me, or any one single individual.

What matters more is how we live with that.

We can allow that to overshadow our lives or choose to tame it. In equal measure, our human experience is also about our ability to create, innovate, and take actions that push the boundaries of what we think might be possible for ourselves and the world around us.

Taking action towards something that matters to you involves a personal risk.

It can make you vulnerable. This is why we often stop in our trails before even considering what truly matters to us… A fear of failure can make us avoid trying out something, experimenting, reaching out to someone, or doing something we know needs doing.

Yet… You can see life as a zero sum game where you either win or lose. Or, you can see life as an infinite game with multiple pathways.

The concept of equifinality speaks to this: the principle that in open systems, a given end state can be reached by many potential means. This puts failure in a softer light, where it stops being so overbearing or fatal.

So, really: who would you be knowing it would all work out?


I am a coach and trusted advisor to driven and gifted people who feel there’s an inkling of rebellion in them. I help them create more fulfilment and reduce stress in their work and careers, on their terms. You can sign up to The Sunday Question, my weekly invitation for introspection and action, here:

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Coach — Career and Work Transformation | PhD Researcher | Facilitator

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